There Are Places (Poetry)

The heart of Eden
Has lain in my arms.
A spirit of peace
And childlike satisfaction
Has kissed my face.
The vain frivolities
Of our age and kind
Seem to have no grip
on her
I lay weary
I lay broken
And she strokes my head
Stroking my misery
Into the void of time
And her touch speaks
without a word
“Why worry about
What you can’t change?
It’s out of your hands.
So rather,
Why don’t you fill your hands with mine,
Wrap your fingers in my fingers,
And lay your heart
On my heart,
And wait for the day
That God makes all things right.”


There are places and times
When for a moment,
Evil does not exist.
It’s just you
And the heat
The clouds
The water
And a little boy with his grandfather
Marveling at the geese.
The whole world
So large
So new
So exciting.

My Shadow Of Eden

Which do I long for more?
Which do I want to hear,
Standing in the woods alone,
The music of man,
Or the music of nature?

I know not.
I thank God for music all the same,
And I long for you, my love,
To hear, to see, to feel,
What I, in this moment, do.

To know, more than ever,
What Eden might have been,
To see what Adam might have seen,
To experience a shadow,
Of how Adam might have known God.

These trees,
Are the trees of life.
This river,
Water for my soul.
And you… You are my Eve.

I wish you were here,
To walk with me,
To talk with me,
And I wish I could embrace you,
The way these woods are embracing me.

All Photos Belong To Dean Marais