An Earthy Consummation of the Love in My Heart

Adderall sunshine lights me up
Before a swift northeastern wind
Cools me under black clouds.
Aqua stains old poems
When Bedouin rain drops
Descend upon us from the dune like cumulus.
The dust and sweat of China
Wash down from the bill of my hat
Mixing in with the Georgia red
Like some earthy consummation
of the love in my heart for both.
Cold curtains wrap around me
Sending a shiver through me.
I was caught up in a poem
When God broke through
With a September ballad of his own,
Emptying the forests of people
With his stormy verse
Leaving it quiet in the aftermath,
Poking holes in the sky
Like punctuation marks
Turning my pages golden in the silence.

Parking Lot Philosophy

Parking lot philosophy
Steel table science
Cool breeze spirituality
And a forest fire religion


Flame does not catch
On concrete and steel and glass
How cold and safe we live
Tearing out the beauty
Before it has a chance to grow
In fear it might move us
To a place slightly more dangerous


Walking through the Cohutta
Down winding narrow paths
Toward the hidden jewl of Jacks River Falls
Is much like my walk in the truth
Tough sometimes but worth it in the end
Swimming in the cool pools of redemption
And eating good food at the great campfire of God


When it comes to the knowlege of God
I am still just an infant
Looking out on the world
With curious, hungry eyes
And He picks me up sometimes
Putting me on his shoulders
So I can try to see through His eyes
All the wonder and excitement
Of what He has made
And I cling to Him in desperation
When I see the darkness
Crawling slowly over the horizon
Like it always does
Until He casts it down below forever.

My Shadow Of Eden

Which do I long for more?
Which do I want to hear,
Standing in the woods alone,
The music of man,
Or the music of nature?

I know not.
I thank God for music all the same,
And I long for you, my love,
To hear, to see, to feel,
What I, in this moment, do.

To know, more than ever,
What Eden might have been,
To see what Adam might have seen,
To experience a shadow,
Of how Adam might have known God.

These trees,
Are the trees of life.
This river,
Water for my soul.
And you… You are my Eve.

I wish you were here,
To walk with me,
To talk with me,
And I wish I could embrace you,
The way these woods are embracing me.

All Photos Belong To Dean Marais