The Crumbling Theodosian

Every day
Another brick falls.
Every day
The vines creep closer.
The statues are ground to dust.
The words are fading.
The blood is covered with earth and forgotten.
The happy heart decays
Until only beasts once more remain


How many mornings –
How many hours –
Will you spend
Sitting on your floor
Surrounded by books
In spiritual anguish?
Unable to ingest a single word
Rocking back and forth
From the pain of separation.
How long will you spend
Trying to break down the walls you’ve built?
When will you understand?
When will your understanding lead to change?
Or are you going to spend
The rest of your life
In continuous flux?


Time flows through me like water
carrying my life away slowly
I dissolve cell by cell
In its electric joy.

Billions gone
Were as we are now
Worried about the trivialities
That worry all of us.

I sit – with a cup of hot tea
Music soaked and warm on a cloudy winter day
Looking out through my window
Toward my river, through the trees.

A day like a million others.
So cliche and yet
So uniquely mine
Beauty is in the sublime